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How to Eat Healthy (ANYWHERE!)

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43 thoughts on “How to Eat Healthy (ANYWHERE!)

  1. dear mr cavaliere first i would like to thank u for your videos i find them invaluable especially when in my country nobody knows anything about weight training and so the internet is all i have to try and learn as much as possible i have been weight training for a long time and i have found recently a great love and passion for powerlifting and strongman and without much effort i bulked up to about 250 lbs muscle mass so far without the aid of steroids im not that lean and for now i honestly dont care much about it but i do want to be as healthy as possible though i consume a lot of food it mostly consists of decent food or i believe its decent food lots fruits lots of veggies lots of water chicken soups oatmeal so on i train 3 days a week with heavy weights finishing with conditioning exercises something to get my heart rate up twice a week i sprint on stairs and every day i walk for 45 or an hour but although everything seems fine for now i still find myself fearful of future health risks associated with being to big heart failure kidney failure liver problems sleep apnea etc im dont think i will be able to stop training its pretty much the only thing that gives me purpose in this life i just want to know is there a way i can be big strong and live a healthy life thank u in advance

  2. Most people do not have the will power so they make excuses. Every single place that sells food will have something healthy to eat. It may cost more but they will have it. No excuses eat clean. 

  3. Working at Apple, I have access to great food. But I can't be spending money when I can bring my tupperwear. Like you, gotta have my oatmeal in the morning, with a scoop of Mango Peach Whey Isolate. Even when I cut carbs, oatmeal still has to be part of my diet. Makes me full and satisfied the rest of the day. Cheers! Glad you had a great time in my hometown of San Jose.

  4. Jeff,
    There is a Whispers on the US Army base in Seoul, Korea. The menu looked identical to the one you put up in the video. Definitely a good place to eat clean at. Anyways, I wanted to ask your take on eating coconut oil. I eat it sometimes straight out the jar to stave off hunger for an hour or so before my next meal. Since you are talking nutrition, I wanted to put this topic out there.

  5. Jeff, what can you recommend for someone that is lactose intolerant as far as supplementation? I've tried some that "do not contain milk", but are manufactured in factories that have milk. I find that as I get older (now in my 30's), I am more sensitive to lactose. Thanks in advance.

  6. this is a very good videao and i have seen all of your nutrition based videos. I also have seen the ones about supplements and my request is the following: Can you make a video naming the bad substances in supplements ex whey protein. Thanks Jeff!!

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