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  1. Thank you for posting this video! Your videos have been really, really informative and seems like you're getting comfier in front of the camera. I love the food ideas & workouts.

  2. Love these informative videos Randi!!! ❀ Do you ever think you would do a video explaining how youtubers make money off videos? Do you have to reach a certain amount of subscribers before you make money off youtube? I would love to know! The youtube industry is so intriguing to learn about 😊

  3. Awe girl! I could eat breakfast all day everyday! These are great! I'm going to try the oats and French toast asap!! Also I would love to see some lunch ideas. With lent I can't do meat on Friday's so I can't do my go to chicken πŸ˜‚ so it'd be great to see more ideas!

  4. Awesome video Randi, thank you so much!!! I am in a breakfast rut right now — been having the same thing every day – and it is not setting me up for the day which makes it so hard to achieve my goals! These are really great ideas that I can easily implement and will hopefully help me stay on track. Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  5. love all your lactose-free recipes! I'm in the same boat as you, thank goodness they make so many lactose free options! great breakfast ideas πŸ™‚ ps. try putting cinnamon in your french toast batter it is a GAME CHANGER!! <3

  6. Omg that french toast looks bomb!! I have been craving french toast so much, so I will definitely be trying that soon. Love these types of videos, keep them coming!!

  7. Loved the video Randi! It's always nice to have other ideas for my meals. I think that would make a great series and I would be interested in seeing some lunch and dinner ideas too!! Maybe you could do some that are low fat, low carb and also some higher fat and higher carb. I think this would be helpful for those who track macros. Thanks from #CANADA β™‘

  8. YUM!! okay I am def trying that french toast!! I have made it in the past but with egg white and cinnamon only.. Ive never tried an egg, protein powder and almond milk! that sounds BOMB — what is the brand???? <3 xoxo PS Love this video and appreciate all the effort you put in to making it!

  9. hey Randi πŸ™‚
    dessert Ideas would be awesome
    Like protein ice-cream
    I live in germany and we do not have halo top or arctic zero :((
    so DIY Ice-cream would be awesome!
    Thank you and keep up the awesome work like always

  10. Love your channel Randi! Question, is it true that when you cook or hear protein powders (like for the French toast) it loses some of its nutrients? I've heard this before & was curious. Love this video, super helpful! ☺️😍

  11. Thanks for the video πŸ™‚ Snack ideas would be good! I always such a hard time with deciding what snacks would be best to fill me up especially when I'm at work and have 16 hour days!

  12. Great video, I gotta say this is the kind of videos I want to watch from fitness people: real, good and healthy foods that won’t β€œbreak the calorie bank” and workouts. Not the constant frozen pre-made meals. Great for doing this, Randy, keep them coming. Lunch, dinner and snacks ideas on the go is also much appreciated.
    Just one small critique: bananas don’t deserve to be cut in half. I’d rather eat the whole banana and live with the extra 50-80kcal than throw away the rest.

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