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A quick and simple country breakfast

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31 thoughts on “A quick and simple country breakfast

  1. My wife and I are so happy to see sister Kate doing so well so fast. What a strong woman. It's heart warming and inspirational to see the joy and love you two share. Thank you for sharing more than just your views on prepping but on family and fellowship also.
    Recovery Is a long row to hoe but support and positive attitude made all the difference and you seem to have both in spades.
    Keep up the hard work and god bless our prayers are with you both.

  2. That looked delicious, but did you have to buy those eggs. I know you have chickens at Shofar Mtn, but you're still at High Prairie aren't you? I had to buy eggs at the grocery store today, first time in 4 years. Our chickens are getting older and of course it's winter so less light. We did get the cage free, free range eggs but I'm not holding out much hope for the taste. lol

  3. Iooks wonderful reminds me of when I lived on the farm breakfast on a Sunday morning after the cattle horses and chickens were all fed to come in the house and that smell can almost smell it now God bless you pastor and wife brings back so many wonderful memories God bless .

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